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True to Parkour

Here are the top 5 reasons why Take Flight is true to Parkour and always will be:

#1. We are the official clothing of Parkour - endorsed and supported by David Belle. We consider that not only an honor but a huge responsibility. It influences everything we do and keeps our focus off ourselves and on the bigger picture.

#2. Our owners don’t make any money from Take Flight, and they never have. Our CEO has an annual salary of $0, and that's no wordplay. Think about that one for a second.

#3. Every penny that is brought in to Take Flight is turned right back around and put back into the development of new clothing for the PK community. It's a cycle and what comes in from the community goes right back out to serve it better.

#4. We believe in true Parkour: Parkour by David Belle inspired to him from his father Raymond Belle. No other definition, explanation, or story will do. We stand behind this and always will.

#5. We were the world's first Parkour clothing company when we started, and we still do it just for the love of the discipline.