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Stand For Parkour

We are taking a Stand For Parkour. Here are three ways we are doing this and one way you can help us.

#1. We believe in true Parkour: Parkour by David Belle inspired in him by his father Raymond Belle. No other definition, explanation, or story will do. We stand behind this and always will.

#2. Our owners don’t make any money from Take Flight, and they never have. Our CEO has an annual salary of $0, and that's no wordplay. Think about that one for a second.

#3. All proceeds from our sales (and we mean all proceeds) go directly into supporting the Parkour community through product development, athlete endorsements, and initiatives designed to spread Parkour and help old and new Traceurs alike grow in their passion and love for the discipline.

So how can you help? It's simple. Just support us online by liking our Facebook page and become a part of our growing community - almost 60,000 strong and growing daily! You can also support the movement financially by purchasing a Parkour tee, a pair of Parkour pants, a hoodie, beanie, decal sticker, or the Take Flight Parkour shoes set to release in late summer 2013. Not only will you be getting an amazing product at a great price, you'll also receive the satisfaction of knowing that your purchase went right into funding the growth and advancement of the Parkour community as a whole.