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Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoe – Black - REJECTS

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Quick Overview

We produced thousands of pairs of our Take Flight 1.0 Parkour Shoes. Out of those pairs we had a few that didn't quite pass our rigorous quality control. These are shoes with minor flaws that make them not quite perfect, so we're letting them go at a big discount. The most common flaws are:

-Glue spots around the seams
-Small markings on the Flight Man Logo

Other flaws may be present. But other than these minor production errors, these shoes are pretty much perfect. Put it this way, you won't notice the difference when you wear them, and neither will anyone else.

Product Overview:

We spent almost 2 full years developing this shoe, and we've designed it to be the best Parkour shoe on the planet. We think you are going to be thrilled with it the first time you put it on.

The Take Flight 1.0 has incredible cushioning, great transitioning, and the best traction you’ve ever felt on a Parkour shoe or any all purpose training shoe from any brand. As you’ll see the first time you wear it, the Take Flight 1.0 is truly something special. We stand behind the product so much that If you don’t like it, we’ll give you a 100% no questions asked refund.

Shoe designed by Adam Dunlap. The primary advisers on the shoes were Take Flight pros worldwide including Toby Segar, Joey Adrian, Nikolay Statolik, D'Ondrai Jones, Nathan Jones, Stefan Hinkelmann, and Jonathan Tapp. Initial consultation was provided from David Belle.

Available Sizes
US Sizing: 6.5-12.5
UK Sizing: 4.5-11.5
EU Sizing: 39- 47


If you need help choosing a size you can contact us at support@takeflightapparel.com.

International shipping to more than 190 countries!

***COMMON SIZING QUESTION: We made the 1.0 shoe based on EU sizing 39-47. As such we do not technically make the shoe is US 7.5, 9, 10.5 or 11.5. But this isn't a problem because in the EU they don't have these shoe sizes either and everyone has shoes that fit great! So if one of these four sizes is your size, then simply choose the next largest size (e.g. if you are a US 9, then choose a 9.5). We're positive the shoes will fit you right, and if not then we'll exchange the pair of give you a refund :-)**

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Regular Price: $85.00

Special Price: $49.00

Take Flight 1.0 - Black - REJECTS

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