Take Flight®

True to Parkour

Here are the top 5 reasons why Take Flight is true to Parkour and always will be:

  1. We are The Official Clothing of Parkour and we consider that not only an honor but a huge responsibility. It influences everything we do and keeps our focus off ourselves and on the bigger picture.
  2. Our owners don’t make any money from Take Flight, and the never have. Our CEO has an annual salary of $0, and that’s no wordplay. Think about that one for a second.
  3. Every penny that is brought in to Take Flight is turned right back around and put back into the development of new clothing for the PK community. It’s a cycle and what comes in from the community goes right back out to serve it better.
  4. We believe in true Parkour – Parkour by David Belle passed down from his father. No other definition, explanation, or story will do. We stand behind this and always will.
  5. We were the world’s first Parkour clothing company when we started, and we still do it just for the love of the discipline.

Take Flight - Jump. Fly. Dream.