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The 1st Annual Take Flight Roundabout

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**This event is FREE, and everyone is invited to attend as spectators. The panelist guest list is towards the bottom of this article.**

This November we are hosting the 1st ever Take Flight Roundabout! It’s an event envisioned by Take Flight founder Adam Dunlap and Take Flight pro Joey Adrian, and we think it will be unlike anything ever done before in the Parkour world. In one sentence, it’s a sit-down discussion between all the most prominent and influential Traceurs in the world broadcasted for everyone to see. Following is the exact Who, What, Where, When, and Why.



The Take Flight Roundabout is designed to be semi-formal discussion by and between the Parkour community leaders from around the world. Think of it like a UN type meeting but with prominent Traceurs. There will be discussion starters and specific topics of conversation, but most of it will be freestyle, and we hope that with a diverse group of participants it will be an exciting and progressive time of sharing ideas, telling stories, and finding unity and synergy across the Parkour world. Our hope is to stream the event LIVE for everyone to watch, and we will be filming the discussion and posting in online.


Portland, Oregon (USA). Exact location to be determined. Event time is 6PM PST. Live stream and video will be launched at www.youtube.com/tkflt


November 7th, 2015. Event time is 6PM PST (6pm L.A. time)


The “who” has 2 groups:

#1. Attendees. We invite everyone in the Parkour world, literally everyone, to attend and watch the discussion in person and meet the panelists! The event is free to attend if you can make it. If you are from out of town and you want to travel to the event and you need a place to stay, let us know and we will help you find one for your time here.

#2. Panelists. Panelists are prominent Traceurs who will be participating in the discussion. Right now our confirmed guest list is:

  • Adam Dunlap (USA)
  • Danee Marmolejo (Mexico)
  • D’Ondrai Jones (USA)
  • Jared Davis (CAN)
  • Joey Adrian* (USA)
  • Kent Johns (USA)
  • Rene Scavington (CAN)
  • Tom Coppola (CAN)
  • Vinnie Coryell (USA)

*Joey Adrian will also be this year’s discussion moderator

Other Invitees are (not all have yet received personal invitations):

  • Alexander Bayturin
  • Alexandr Gisych (Shade)
  • Alex Segura
  • Alyssa Serpa
  • Andy Haug
  • Basilio Montilla
  • Brandee Laird
  • Callum Powell
  • Charles Brunet
  • Cordelia Storm
  • Cory DeMeyers
  • Daer Sanchez
  • Dan Iaboni
  • Daniel Arroyo
  • Daniel Ilabaca
  • Dima Gluschenko
  • Felix Stockli-Iseli
  • Jason Paul
  • Jesse La Flaire
  • Kie Willis
  • Luci Romberg
  • Luis Alkmim
  • Luke Fredericksen
  • Matthew Lee Willis
  • Max Henry
  • Nikolay Stasolik
  • Oscar Sanchez
  • Pasha Petkuns
  • Paul Darnell
  • Paul Joseph (Blue)
  • Pedro Salgado
  • Pip Andersen
  • Ronnie Shalvis
  • Ryan Ford
  • Shaun Wood
  • Sydney Olsen
  • Thibaut Granier
  • Thomas Mougne
  • Tim Shieff
  • Toby Segar
  • Tyson Cecka
  • Yann Masia
  • Yoann Leroux
  • And many others!

For this first year, although we will provide food and accommodations for all attending panelists, we can only pay transportation for a few. For this reason we don’t know if anyone in the above list will be able to attend except for those already confirmed. But we hope many of them can, and if nothing else, we hope this list shows you our vision for this event as an annual global meeting of the minds.


Our vision for this event is to bring community leaders together to discuss important ideas, understand each other better, build relationships, and find unity and synergy. At Take Flight, we believe that as a Parkour community, we can accomplish more together than we can all doing our own thing. So we see this event as an open meeting of the minds for people to share ideas, propose new concepts, resolve potential or building interpersonal matters, and tell great stories. We think the Parkour world as a whole will benefit immensely by seeing this respected and prominent group of Traceurs speak candidly together, and we hope to foster that openness. What exactly comes from that, we aren’t 100% sure! But we think it will be progressive, unifying, and very worthwhile, not to mention entertaining.

Other Information

This is meant to be a progressive discussion that is focused and also dynamic and spontaneous. We don’t consider any questions or ideas off limits as long as they are focused around the PK/FR world and Traceurs therein. So if you have a topic you want to see discussed, or a question you want to see answered by a confirmed panelist, please let us know by writing in the comments below or sending your question to us at media@takeflightapparel.com. Current tentative topics of conversation include:

  • How to start a Parkour gym
  • Training ideas & how David Belle used to train
  • The future of public Parkour parks
  • Parkour certifications
  • Team Sponsorships vs. Company Sponsorships
  • The future of Parkour.com

We’ll be releasing more information as the panelist list grows. Stay tuned for the event and news! We hope you can attend or tune in for the broadcast and videos!

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