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Best of Parkour Compilation (2006)

by on Sep.07, 2008, under David Belle, Parkour Videos

This is an older, but nevertheless superb compilation of great Parkour action. The video features many prominent Tracers including David Belle, Sébastien Foucan, Stephane Vigroux, and members of the Yamakasi to name a few, and contains footage from Le Tuyau, Un Lundi Cool, the Bont Commercial and BBC Commercial both featuring David, Accroches Toi, Speed Air Man, and other prominent videos.


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Un Monde Meilleur

by on Jun.15, 2008, under David Belle

David Belle’s most moving work by far is the 2005 short film Un Monde Meilleur (A Better World). Set in a hellish war zone a solider fights to survive while his mind seeks to find peace in a much more beautiful world. Thought provoking and moving, Un Monde Meilleur poignantly proposes whether or not there is a better world than the one we live in.

Parallel in many ways to the 2000 Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator with Russell Crow, Un Monde Meilleur is a captivating and stirring film whether or not one understands the French narration. Written and directed by Igor Pejica and starring David Belle, we have given this movie an R rating for violence.


For your convenience and understanding we have provided the movie’s English adaptation below which is also a better quality version of the film than its YouTube counterpart above. However, even if you do not speak French we highly recommend watching the French edition first. Not only do we think it will be more captivating, the English voice in place of David’s makes this a noticeable less enjoyable version as well.


Here is a trailer from Un Monde Meilleur and some additional behind the scenes footage from the film:



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Un Lundi Cool (Official)

by on May.20, 2008, under David Belle, Parkour Videos

Here is the official “Un Lundi Coul” video. To view our original posting of “Un Lundi Cool” please click here. And if you are confused by the spelling discrepancy between “Coul” and “Cool” that is OK because we aren’t exactly sure which one is right either. However, our research has shown that “Coul” is not an actual word in French, so our best guess is that “Cool” is the appropriate spelling.


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Un Lundi Cool

by on Apr.22, 2008, under David Belle, Parkour Videos

Similar in production to the Le Tuyau video, here is another video called Un Lundi Cool featuring David Belle, Kazuma and some other Tracers. Just like the title “Le Tuyau” we’re not exactly sure what “Un Lundi Cool” means. However, our best guess is that is means a “cool” or “Laid-back Monday.”



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