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Huge Sale!! Parkour Clearance Up To 60% OFF!!

by on Apr.04, 2016, under For Our Fans, Promotions

We’ve decided to close out a few of our Parkour tees, pants, shorts, hoodies and other gear. The result is up to 60% OFF for you!! Check out some of the items below and click here to browse all our Parkour clothing and gear on sale!



This is the best hoodie you will ever buy for $28! It is amazing!


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Click here and pick up yours before they’re gone!

Hurry and pick up your gear today! These items will only be on clearance until they are gone! Click here to shop now and get your Parkour apparel and shoes at an amazing price.


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A Warrior’s Story by Stefan Hinkelmann

by on May.14, 2013, under Articles, For Our Fans

Being a warrior is so much harder than most people think or understand. It’s not just training really hard or testing your limits with a big jump. It’s facing true challenge and true fear, and overcoming the circumstance.

Think of it this way: is the warrior someone how has trained their whole life in the art of fencing? Or is the warrior someone who goes out to the battlefield and comes back victorious?

Take Flight pro Stefan Hinkelmann from Germany is someone we consider to be a true warrior. Here is one story from him. Be inspired by this, but please don’t ever, ever, ever attempt what you are about to read.

The key is to have feelings and recognize them but still control them and control yourself. In that way you can overcome your inner-panic. And if you can breathe it away, that’s the moment of truth…that is the moment you “really” feel!! I once climbed up the Eiger Nothface. It’s one of the most dangerous walls in the world. I decided to do it alone, in the wintertime, and without a rope. I was a professional climber at the time and had trained for years, but it was still a crazy, crazy thing to do! I almost died because of my fear. I had panic-attacks, my body was shaking, and I was at the point countless times of giving up emotionally and mentally, and if I had given up even for a second I would have fallen and that would have been the end. But I controlled my fear and feelings and I pushed though. And then as I made it to the top I can not explain it… it was the most amazing feeling of my life! It was pure freedom like nothing I can put into words. Adrenalin helps you to overcome everything, but to get there is the pure hell. And if I hadn’t been able to control my feelings then I would have never made it. -Stefan Hinkelmann

We hope this story has inspired you NOT to go do something crazy or risk your life to prove yourself, but rather to search within and find your true spirit and nature and uncover what you are truly capable of.

Take Flight.


Click this image to connect with Stefan vis his Facebook page.

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*NEW* Simply Traceur Tee – ROYAL BLUE

by on Aug.28, 2012, under New Releases

We’ve introduced a new tee version to our ever popular Simply Traceur Tee design. In addition to black, purple, and cardinal, now we have royal blue.

Parkour Clothing - Simply Traceur Tee - Royal Blue

The Simply Traceur Tee – Royal Blue is the newest clothing addition to the Parkour world.

The Simply Traceur Tee is the newest tee to our Parkour product line up. Inspired by the overwhelming popularity of the Simply Parkour Tee, this is the actually first tee in our lines ever to highlight the word Traceur. Like its Simply Parkour sibling this elegant design is both cool and simple, and is great for training or casual wear. It will also tell anyone anywhere exactly what and who you are: a Traceur.

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Hoodies Are Back! One Last Time.

by on Feb.10, 2012, under For Our Fans

By popular demand we’ve pushed through production to bring you one last set of the TF Traceur Hoodie. There is a limited quantity and these will not be back until next winter.

In addition to having a limited supply… well we couldn’t help it: we’ve put them on sale too. Because of the popularity we’ve passed the savings on to fans and dropped the price $5 for this last group.

Just to make it fair we’ve put the remaining Parkour 91 Hoodies on sale too. Those are 25% off so you can pick one of those up for only $29.95.

There is still a lot of winter left and not to mention a potentially chilly spring and brisk summer evenings depending on where you live. If you’ve had your eyes on it, take this chance to treat yourself to a TF Traceur Hoodie.

Last chance to get a TF Traceur Hoodie before they are gone!

The Parkour 91 Hoodie is currently 25% OFF!

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Take Flight Parkour Hoodie

by on Nov.10, 2011, under New Releases, Products

Our newest product is out! Two words: Parkour Hoodie.

New and On Sale!!!

The Take Flight Parkour Hoodie is a hoodie zip design with front pockets a hoodie string for tightening. On the back is a brilliantly displayed print of a Traceur in Flight surrounded by the words “Parkour” and “Take Flight” (look left). And on the front is the Flight Man – the one logo brand and signature that immediately says the two words that are printed on the back (look below). We’ve made this hoodie in two colors (black and gray), and we designed it to be versatile for all sorts of occasions including warming-up, training, and also just simply being comfortable enough to wear around so you can show your pride in the sport you love.

What’s the price you ask? Well it depends on the day, because we’re going to be selling these for $45. But since this is a new product, we’re giving Traceurs worldwide the chance to pick it up for a limited time for only $34.95.

Parkour Hoodi. An Original from Take Flight.

Whether winter has reached your town, or whether you are just looking for a comfy hoodie to sleep in, the Take Flight Parkour Hoodie is now available to you. We’ve put a lot of work into it making sure this a true to Parkour design, and we hope you like it and use it to show your love for the sport that brought us all here.

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Cyber Monday Deals

by on Nov.29, 2010, under For Our Fans, Products, Promotions

Cyber Monday is here!!!

If you don’t know (and up until a couple years ago we didn’t) Cyber Monday is a term for the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving when millions of Americans shop online. This year it is estimated that 106.9 million people will shop online on this day! The trend has given rise to huge online sales, and the spirit of the Holidays we will not be left out!

Stay tuned in to the Take Flight Facebook page all day long for deals including free shipping, new sales items, and discount codes that will save you more than 40% on your purchases.

Is this a day to get some of your Holiday shopping out of the way?! Yes indeed! But if you are just looking for a good deal for yourself, this is also the opportune time.


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1 Year Anniversary!!!

by on Jun.25, 2010, under News, Revolution Parkour

Today is the one year anniversary of the Take Flight International Clothing Launch! We couldn’t be happier for this day and what has been accomplished in the last year, not just for us, but more importantly for Parkour worldwide. In fact, the way we see it, if anything it is NOT us that has advanced as much as our advancement is a reflection of the growth Parkour has experienced around the globe.

With that in mind we wanted to take this time to look back on how far we’ve come since June 25, 2009. Here are a couple milestones to give some perspective:

With another year behind us and the next one beginning we are super excited with what we have store for the PK community including new clothing launches, new brands, and some huge athlete sponsorship announcements as well. We’re hoping you’ll be there with us as we continue this journey and continue our focus on Parkour and bringing Traceurs around the world the most authentic and highest quality Parkour clothing, gear, and products.

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Continual Improvement

by on Aug.20, 2009, under News

Any dedicated Traceur in the Parkour community will tell you that part of the underlying philosophy of Parkour is the idea of continual self improvement; of never being satisfied with where you are presently and always working towards that next goal in order to make yourself better. As the pioneers of custom Parkour clothing, we at Take Flight have taken up this commitment as well.continual-improvement-image1

For the last few days, our dedication to continual improvement has manifested itself in us working day and night – literally – to improve your experience with us. This has included improving our blog, changing the way we interact with customers and fans through our social sites, and adjusting the entire purchasing process through the Take Flight store. We have been adding site features, working on new products, and making everything a more visually dynamic, simpler, and more comfortable experience for you.

At Take Flight we are continually working to improve our company and make our high quality Parkour apparel even better. You are the focus and reason for our efforts, so check out the new features on the Take Flight site and let us know what you think. Some of the changes will pop out at you, others you may have to search out, and others you won’t even notice. Regardless of the visual size and scope of the changes, they are all playing an integral part in how you navigate the site and interact with us.


The Take Flight Team

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Team Traceur's Trip to Lisses

by on Oct.02, 2008, under David Belle, Parkour Videos, Training

We really have come to an unfortunate impasse here at MisterParkour.com. With the worldwide collection of David Belle videos practically used up (because they are all already on this site), we have been unable to find very many new videos to feature that compare well to the content we already have. With that said we are always looking for new “True to Parkour” videos, text, and articles of all kinds to feature so if you know of any feel free to let us know through our contact page.

Even though the new opportunities to feature David on this site are almost gone, a few remain. Here is a video that we thought, in general, was pretty good. It features Team Tracer’s during their 2006 trip to Lisses, and David even shows up for a couple frames. Although this 10 min video features an uncommon and possibly unfitting musical soundtrack, the footage, action, film quality are superb.


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