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Blue and Red Parkour Pants?!?! You’re Gonna Love ‘Em.

by on Oct.14, 2014, under For Our Fans, New Releases, Products

We just launched two new versions of our world famous Take Flight Parkour Pants! And if we may say so, they turned out better than we envisioned. Check ’em out below and let us know what you think.


These pants are made our on ultra comfortable and light 50/50 fabric. They come with drawstrings and pockets and have open ankle bottoms. Basically the classic Parkour training pant design that we’ve made fmous. We think you’re going to love them.

You can be one of the first to own these. Pick up your pair today for only $32 from our online store at TKFLT.com! As always, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee (technically called our TSG which stands for Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee). So we promise you’ll be happy with your purchase or we’ll give you a refund. It’s the Take Flight way.


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Up to 40% Off Our WB Parkour Pants!!

by on Aug.19, 2014, under For Our Fans, Products, Promotions

Back to School is here, and of course we know you’re probably buying some new clothing to look spiffy and cool as you kick off another year of education. So just for you we’re running a super deal on our best Parkour pants – the WBs.

For the rest of August you can pick up a pair of WB Parkour Pants for only $49.95! Pants that are similar to these (although not as good in our opinion), will sell for $85 under the Nike or Adidas brand. But we’re a brand of the people, so we’re bringing them to you at truly an amazing value. Pant features include:

  • Extra baggy for comfort, style, and movement
  • Made with our special 100% polyester performance fabric which feels incredible
  • Deep pockets with zipper closures
  • Adjustable ankle clasp bottoms, so you’ll never walk on the cuffs
  • A water resistant outer sheen that makes them great for all occasions, plus super easy to clean EVEN if you get mud on them
  • Back by our 100% Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG). If you don’t absolutely love them, we’ll give you your money back

Click here to pick up your pair of WBs and Take Flight.

All in all, we truly believe that these are the World’s Best Parkour Pants which is why we’ve called them the WBs.

Click here to pick up your pair today and go back to school in style!



CLICK HERE to find out more about the Take Flight vision to support Parkour, Traceurs, and communities everywhere!


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Do You Choose the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

by on May.15, 2014, under New Releases, Products

We’ve posed the question before: given the choice do you choose the red pill or the blue pill? And of course when we say “we’ve posed the question” we mean the Matrix posed the question and we are just repeating it.

Well now we can pose an original red-blue question because we’ve officially launch a RED pair and a BLUE pair version of our Take Flight Classic Parkour Training Pants!


Lighter. baggier, and more comfortable. You’ll fall in love the first time you put them on.

Not only are these new pants some of the coolest we have ever launched, but also unlike the Matrix choice this choice is simple. Because if you aren’t sure between the two then you can simply choose both. In true Take Flight fashion we bring amazing clothing to Traceurs worldwide at an amazing price, so these pants are only $29.95 for a limited time.

Pick up your classic training pants today! The Matrix may not be real in the same way the movie portrays it, but you can still Take Flight.

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Classic RED Training Pants!

by on Apr.14, 2014, under New Releases, Products

Our newest pants are here! They are some of our best pants yet, and…. they are red.

We’ve expanding our Take Flight Classic Training line of pants to include a new RED version. It’s lighter, baggier, and more comfortable. You’ll move better, sweat less, and feel amazing when you wear these.


Lighter. Baggier. Comfier.

Click here to pick up your pair for only $29.95 for a limited time! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back :-)


Our best classic training pants ever. Plus they are in awesome RED. Get your pair today!

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Our Mistake. Your Benefit. WB Parkour Pants For Only $28! (60% OFF!!)

by on Mar.27, 2014, under For Our Fans, New Releases, Products

A few months ago we unveiled what we believe to be the absolute best Parkour pants ever designed. We named them the WB Parkour Pants and you can pick up a pair for $65. They are worth every penny.

Now here is the mistake – we made thousands of pairs and out of those a few didn’t quite pass our rigorous quality control. So what are we doing? We’re letting them go for only $28!

But get this, the flaws are so minor that you won’t even notice them because they don’t affect the performance of the pants. The two flaws are.

  • A Decoration Flaw. The Flight Man Logo on the thigh is slightly malformed. Absolutely nothing is wrong with the pants. The Flight Man is just little scruffy.
  • A Draw String Flaw. This is the most prevalent flaw and on these pants the waistband stitching overlays one half of the drawstring. The result is the drawstring only pulls out from one end. But as a single drawstring it still pulls all around the pants and it still pulls tight! So essentially this isn’t an issue either. It’s just not “perfect.”

If you don’t mind getting a $65 pair of pants for only $28, then this opportunity is one to take advantage of. Pick up a pair today of our WB Parkour Pants *REJECTS* and you’ll wonder how you got such an amazing pair of pants for such an amazing price.

Take Flight


Save almost $40 on a pair of pants that still performs perfectly.

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The World’s Best Parkour Pants

by on Mar.04, 2014, under Articles, New Releases, Products

Our WB Parkour Pants have launched, and they are going to change the face of clothing in the Parkour world forever. Nothing so specialized and impressive has ever before been made for Traceurs.

Here are the key features that make our WB Parkour Pants the World’s Best Parkour Pants.

  • They are made with a specially woven 100% polyester high performance fabric.
  • They have an extra large cut for advanced movement, plus they have added material stretch for advanced function.
  • They are lightweight (just about the same weight as our classic training pants)
  • They have a water and dirt resistant outer sheen. This means they don’t absorb most water, and dirt brushes right off. You won’t have to wash them as much :-)
  • They have extra large pockets with zipper closures so your keys, wallet, and cell phone are all secure no matter what roof you’re climbing.
  • They have drawstring ankle cuffs with clasp tighteners. Even if you buy the XL you’re not going to be walking on the cuffs, and that’s nice!
  • The WB Parkour Pants are backed by our 100% TSG (Traceur Satisfaction Guarantee). If you don’t absolutely love them we’ll give you your money back.


With so much innovation and so many reasons behind the quality of the WB Parkour Pants, we can say undoubtedly that this is the pair of pants to own if you’re a Traceur. Click here to pick up your pair today. You’re going to fall in love.

P.S. We didn’t miss a detail. Here is the tag included on every pair of the WBs. Parkour anyone? It’s what we do.


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Our Classic Training Pants for Only $25!!

by on Oct.14, 2013, under Products, Promotions

In the last two weeks we have received multiple compliments via email, Facebook wall posts, and in person saying how incredibly comfortable our Parkour pants are! Inspired by this, we want to give everyone a chance to wear them, so for a limited time we are making our Classic Training Pants only $25.

For the next two weeks we are releasing a coupon that reduces the price of our Take Flight Classic Training Pants to only $25.

The code is: SuperFan15

Just enter this code at checkout and your discount will be applied. The coupon takes another $5 off the pants which are already $5 off. The total savings is about 30%.


What makes our pants so comfortable, you ask? It’s our unique cotton/polyester blend combined with a larger Traceur cut, designed for less restriction and more mobility. The first time you put our pants on you’ll say, “Wow, these are comfortable.” Not only are they comfortable, they are durable! So the 100th time you put the pants on, you’ll probably say the same thing. Except by that time you’ll be used to them, so you won’t think anything of it :-)

 That’s the Take Flight way – better quality Parkour products so you can think about what really matters: tracing.

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Take Flight Classic Training Pants

by on Jun.24, 2013, under New Releases, Products

Our amazing Parkour pants just got better. And by better we mean simpler and more versatile. Check ’em out.


Click this image to pick up yours!

To be clear, these are the same pants as our others. A cotton/polyester blend with a drawstring and deep pockets. Comfortable, versatile, and great for any occasions.

What we realized was that all our pants had big prints on them! This is cool but we wanted to offer something a little sleeker and more discreet. So we’ve made these.

Best of all? We’ve decided to keep the price on these super low. Right now they are only $26! When you put them on the first thing you will say is, “How can Take Flight make these and sell them for only $26?!” They are that good. And to answer your question, we can’t. That’s why this price promotion is only for a limited time. Pick yours up while you can.

Take Flight.

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Parkour Pants Now In Youth Sizes!!

by on May.13, 2013, under New Releases, Products

You guys have been asking us for literally years and the wait is now over. We’ve officially launched our pants in youth sizes :-)

Our three most popular pants are the Original Parkour Pants, the Take Flight Parkour Pants, and the Run Free Pants. We have just released all three in youth sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. That corresponds to sizes 6-8, 10-12, and 14-16, and we also have a nice new size chart which displays the dimensions as well (see below)


All of these pants are now available in youth sizes! And they are as low as $21. You can’t beat that :-)

Not only are our youth pants as comfortable and functional as our adult pants but we have one other added benefit as well. We have them on reduced pricing. Kids pants are discounted to as low as $21!!

If you’ve been waiting for our youth size clothing, the wait is now over. At least for pants. T-shirts will be on the way soon…. we hope :-) Supply is limited on the youth sizes, so get yours while they are in stock!

Take Flight.


Click for a larger size so you can see the details. This chart is also available on all our pants pages.

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Best Parkour Pants? We Think So.

by on Apr.05, 2013, under Products

The Original Parkour Pants are back in stock. It’s a simple announcement, but one thing that makes us so proud to make the announcement is the quality of our pants. In fact, our Parkour pants have a few qualities that we think make them the best Parkour pants. Here is what those qualities are:

  • Comfortable. You’ll figure this out the first time you put them on.
  • Roomy. Lots of room in these. Especially at size Large and larger.
  • Mobile/Flexible. In short, they won’t restrict your movement. Clearly this is super important so we made sure we have it.
  • Durable. They won’t tear and they will last for more washes than you probably care to count.
  • Big pockets. Our old pants had small pockets. We improved them and now they are just the right size.
  • And best of all, they are on sale at only $29-$34, they won’t break your pocket book
  • We like to say, “Everything a Traceur needs, nothing they don’t.”


    Click this image to pick up your Parkour Pants for as low as $29. Don’t ask us how we make them for such a great value. We don’t even know. It probably has to do with our “Stand for Parkour” and not-for-profit mindset. But don’t tell Uncle Sam that.

We’re so convinced you’ll like our pants, that if you buy them and you don’t think they were worth the price, then we’ll give you a 100% refund including shipping costs. It’s all part of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Throw up your Flight Man post. Or just Take Flight.

*Please leave us a comment! Especially if you already have a pair of our pants, we’d love to hear your feedback :-)*

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