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Financially Supporting YOUR Parkour & Freerunning Gym!

by on Apr.19, 2017, under Articles

If you are reading this and you own a Parkour gym, awesome! You can contact us at media@takeflightapparel.com for financial support. If you train at a gym or know someone who owns one, then please share this article with them. Thank you!

We have a new program designed to financially support Parkour & Freerunning gyms around the world! It’s call the Take Flight Custom Banner Program. It’s simple, easy, and it will put money into your community through the gyms that are spreading Parkour and Freerunning. Here is how it works.

  • We design and produce a banner for your Parkour gym. We pay for every step of the process – it doesn’t cost the gym a penny.
  • Your gym displays the banner. All you have to do is hang it up.
  • We give a percentage of orders placed through our website to the gym when the banner is referenced!

It’s that easy. Really!

Below are a few examples banners we have made.* If you’d like one for your gym please contact us at media@takeflightapparel.com, or please forward this email to your local gym so they can contact us! Each banner can be made to fit a custom size, and we can use any photos, logos, or text on it!

If your gym doesn’t want a banner, then we make flyers too! Here is one of those.

If you made it this far then please pass this article on so we can support your community. Either contact us at media@takeflightapparel.com and we will make a banner for you, or please forward this email to your local gym so they can contact us!

How else do we support the Parkour world? Check out this 90 second video and find out.

*Not all of these banners/flyers have been produced yet. Some are sample designs.

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Take Flight Roundabout (Part 1) – Introduction + How To Start A Parkour Gym

by on Aug.17, 2016, under Adam Dunlap, Articles, For Our Fans

In 2015 we asked Parkour leaders from around the world to come be a part of the first ever Take Flight Roundabout – an open and candid discussion between Parkour leaders aimed to share ideas, create unity and form relationships to find synergy and grow the Parkour community together. From the more than 70 people we invited to attend, 12 answered the call. They were:

  • Adam Dunlap (USA) – Founder and President of Take Flight, Founder of Revolution Parkour, Director of Parkour.com
  • Brandee Laird (USA) – Coaching and Curriculum Director at Parkour Visions
  • Colin MacDonald (USA) – Parkour Visions Instructor
  • Danee Marmolejo (Mexico) – Take Flight Pro, Member of Ollin Freerunning, and Hombre Mono
  • D’Ondrai Jones (USA) – Take Flight pro, Founder of BecomeAFreerunner.com, and Founder of Somatic Movement
  • Jared Davis (Canada) – Origins Parkour Coach
  • Joey Adrian* – Take Flight pro, Team Jiyo Member, Move To Inspire Member, Team Ollin Member
  • Kent Johns (USA) – Member of Unparalleled Movement and Member of Move To Inspire
  • Rene Scavington (Canada) – Founder of Origins Parkour
  • Tom Coppola (Canada) – Coach and Athlete at Origins Parkour
  • Tyson Cecka (USA) – Executive Director of Parkour Visions
  • Vinnie Coryell (USA) – Owner of Move To Inspire

*Event moderator


Click here to watch Part 1 of the Take Flight Roundabout.

On November 7th, the group met at Revolution Parkour Gresham, and what ensued was a 3 hour discussion about Parkour gyms, events, competitions, sponsorship, training, and many other subjects. We recorded the entire event, and we’ve split up the discussion into approximately 10 parts which we will be releasing weekly on our YouTube and Facebook.

Here is part 1 of the roundabout titled, “Introduction + How To Start A Parkour Gym.” In this video, the Roundabout kicks off with an introduction by Take Flight founder and event organized Adam Dunlap. This is followed by each participant introducing themselves. Then Tyson Cecka from Parkour Visions, Vinnie Coryell from Move To Inspire, Rene Scavington from Origins Parkour, and Adam Dunlap [formerly] from Revolution Parkour discuss how they opened their gyms, and they give some critical advice to think about if you are interested in opening a Parkour/Freerunning gym of your own.

We hope you enjoy this discussion from Part 1 and all the episodes we have to release. Stay tuned for the following 9 installments releasing on Tuesdays via our YouTube and Facebook.

Special thanks  to Ryland Lanagan of Revolution Parkour Gresham for hosting the event and to Niko Pal and Daniel Brogli for helping film this event so we could bring it here to you.

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Parkour Classes Are Available!

by on May.23, 2011, under For Our Fans, News, Training

As with the many urban disciplines and sports before Parkour, the pioneers had to teach themselves and develop everything from scratch. Everything from basic fitness exercises for improving specific skills to the perfect technique of certain movements had to be determined through trial and error. People like David Belle and the Yamakasi had to rely on feedback from their bodies to direct their training.

Now there are dozens of gyms and academies around the world focused on teaching Parkour and Freerunning. One of the oldest and largest Parkour academies is our partner Revolution Parkour in Oregon.

Don’t worry about the limited access to gyms, there are groups all over holding classes and clinics in parks and local gymnastic gyms. Most of these classes are free and if your instructors are from one of our partners they are very dedicated. Hawaii Parkour’s founder, Ozzi, just sent out a new letter stating “I’d like to give everyone a reminder to reassure you that when it comes to the classes, rain, hail, tsunami or the miracle of snow, I WILL BE AT PARK, no matter what, to hold a session.”

Instructors from Texas Parkour travel hours sometimes to get to the locations of their clinics. So for anyone willing to learn, there is bound to be someone willing to guide you. Feel free to post questions about clinics and classes to 30,000 Traceurs worldwide on our Facebook wall, or try to network to find people to go out and train with.

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