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Get Sponsored By Us!!

The question we get asked more than any other is, “How do I get sponsored by you guys?” This article explains just that.

**NOTE: For a while we tried a Take Flight Affiliate system. This system is no longer active. The only option we have now is sponsorship.**

Getting sponsored by us only takes two steps. But it’s harder then it first sounds:

Step #1. Join our Community Crew group on Facebook. This group is designed for all Traceurs who want to be sponsored by us. Read the group description, and show your passion for Parkour and Take Flight by posting your best videos and photos on the page.

**Please note that unless you are famous or incredibly and undeniably talented, joining this group is required if you want to be sponsored. You MUST join this group.**

Click this image to join the group. We’ll also give you a 25% OFF coupon on your next purchase of Take Flight gear just for joining! (code is in the group description once you are approved)


Click this image to join the Take Flight Community Crew! It’s the first of only two steps to becoming sponsored by us.

#2. Impress us. Take Flight management and the head of our sponsorship team control the Community Crew page, and they are consistently there looking at posts. When someone impresses them, we move that Traceur up to sponsorship. It’s that easy.

Anyone can join the Community Crew group (Step #1), but impressing us is the hard part. So in case you are wondering how to impress us, here are some tips that will help you make the leap from community hopeful to an official part of the international TKFLT Team.

  • Stay active in the group. We recommend visiting the page at least once every 2 weeks, and each time you do, post a new Parkour/Freerunning content from you (a video, a photo etc).
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Think of each of your posts as an audition. Your goal is to impress us and make us say, “Woa, we want him/her on our team!” Posting a sloppy photo or video just to post won’t win you any points with us.
  • Be low maintenance. One trait that all Take Flight Traceurs have is they are self-driven and they solve problems on their own. All the instructions and insight about moving into sponsorship are on the Community Crew page description. So show you are ready for the next step by reading this description carefully and following these idea. If you’re too lazy to read the description and you ask a manager what you have to do to get sponsored, then we know you aren’t ready, and you won’t get a response.
  • Professional communication. Be professional is how you speak and post. We require professionalism from all TKFLT Traceurs, and in the past we have even dismissed sponsored Traceurs from our team because of a lack of professionalism! This is very important to us, so always be professional.
  • Support the brand socially and let us know you are supporting us and how. Sponsorship is not just about skill and it’s not just about us sponsoring you – it’s about dedication to the brand, commitment to our vision, and a relationship that shows we are working together. Part of being a Take Flight Athlete is being excited about the Take Flight brand. When you wear clothing and support our projects and media content, that goes a long to impressing us.
  • Stay the course. Sometimes it takes 3, or 6 or 12 months or more to get sponsored. Especially if you are still in high school you may not possess the talent or poise physically to earn a spot on our team. But even if you aren’t quite there yet, give it time, believe in yourself, train hard, and stay committed. Do that and one day you’ll join us.

We firmly believe that through hard work, dedication, and passion for the Take Flight brand anyone can become a sponsored Traceur on our team. Age doesn’t matter (we’ve made sponsorship offers to Traceurs as young as 7!); gender doesn’t matter (we sponsor men and women); location in the world doesn’t matter (our team is from all over the world); in fact nothing matters to us except who you are as a person and how you represent Take Flight. So join the Community Crew group, train hard, be confident, and we hope to work with you soon.


Just a few members of our sponsorship team. Nikolay Stasolik, Ann Grjukach, Danee Marmolejo, Joey Adrian… who else do you recognize? Work hard and one day we may ask you to join.